Sandhya Jindal

As a licensed CPA, I have discovered over the last 12 years that the fundamental purpose and contribution of my profession lies in educating others on how to not only retain as much as legally possible of their well-deserved income, but also how to make it effectively grow. Being a business owner myself, I fully appreciate the amount of sweat, blood, and sacrifice that goes into starting and succeeding in a new venture, and the absolute last thing I want to do is pay any contribution of my earnings to someone who had absolutely no contribution in my success – the government.  I guarantee just from the fact that you are reading my profile, you feel exactly the same way.

During my free initial consultation, I will go over the following methodology in simple terms and with complete transparency in order to customize the specific needs and requirements of your business.

A 5-Tiered Approach:

· Assess All Options, Allocate Resources, Apply Strategies, Appreciate Income, Avoid Uncle Sam

· Tax planning and fractional CFO implementation as proactive future facing services

· Development of a roadmap specifically tailored to increase profits by at least 10%

· Utilization of effective and legal tax strategies to save between $10k - $50k in taxes annually

· Learning and understanding the foreign language of tax jargon and how it affects you

Being vigilant of the current Covid-19 situation, my team and I engage with business professionals across numerous states via teleconferencing and encrypted electronic transmission of sensitive documents.

Please visit our website at to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how my team and I can serve you in reaching and maintaining your maximum earning potential via structured planning and navigation through the often confusing and esoteric arena of taxation.

Online Certified Public Account

Online Certified Public Account